All living organisms are designed to strive for and maintain a state of equilibrium (homeostasis). This state is necessary for survival, thriving and well-being. And so, we humans strive for well-being - we want to be happy and satisfied, we want to feel good.

Well-being is a very complex construct - theoretical and practical, objective and subjective, culturally influenced and yet somehow universal.

No matter how different and unique we humans are, almost all of us associate inner peace, restful sleep, connection and relaxation with well-being.

We seek out activities that are supposed to make us feel this way, we take medications and supplements that promise to make us ''feel better'', - we are always looking for well-being, often forgetting the fact that the peacefulness, sleep, good feeling and deep relaxation must first originate in the brain.

MyBrainCoach Programme trains your brain to create the functional balance necessary for well-being and to clear away the obstacles to this state.

For those who are already familiar with meditation, this programm makes it even easier to reach the altered states of consciousness.

For meditation beginners, the practice becomes more accessible and the desired success faster.

With MyBrainCoach Programme to your well-being!