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What can I expect from MyBrainCoach programmes?

Every programme begins with a non-binding personal meeting. During this meeting we clarify your
goals together. According to these goals, I put together a programme for you that paves the way
from the ''actual'' to the ''desired'' state. On this way we combine different ''means of transport'' to
reach the goal:

  • Diagnostics & Analyses

  • Coaching & Training

  • Bio- and Neurofeedback 

Together we can create a unique, innovative and most effective experience for you!

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback means feedback of physical processes that are always running and regulated in our
bodies, but are not always consciously perceptible:

  • Heart activity

  • Breathing

  • Brain activity, i.e., neuroactivity

  • Muscle activity

  • Sweat gland activity

With computer-assisted and targeted training, these unconscious processes can be made
conscious. Optimal function is ''rewarded'' by positive feedback, and when function is not optimal,
negative feedback becomes ''perceptible''. This feedback is non-invasive: no electrical signals are
sent to the brain; we perceive the e.g., brain activity via feedback, with our eyes and ears. This
time-precise feedback helps the brain to sustainably improve self-regulation.

Why might I need Neurofeedback?

Different states of consciousness that we experience, such as sleepy, awake, relaxed, focused,
anxious, fearful, etc., are caused by certain combinations of brain waves in different areas of the
brain. The frequencies and amplitudes of these waves are constantly regulated to respond to

internal and external stimuli. Sometimes certain patterns develop that disrupt this regulation and
the brain is no longer able to change unwanted or briefly needed states. As a result, sub-optimal
and sometimes harmful patterns develop.
Result: unpleasant symptoms such as pain, sleep disturbances, inappropriate behaviour, circling
thoughts, depressed mood, concentration problems, etc., etc. occur and negatively affect our
quality of life. In other words, much of psychology is physiology!

How does Neurofeedback Training work?


If you have heard of EEG (electroencephalogram) or have done it before, neurofeedback works
the same way. You watch a film or animation. Small electrodes are placed at different positions on
the scalp. They register electrical impulses from areas of the brain at precise times and send them
to a computer. Computer programmes developed over many years decode the signals. If the
results deviate from optimal and desired patterns, the brain receives feedback in the form of many
small changes on the screen: the running film or animation will appear less sharp or smaller, the
sound will be quieter, the game speed will slow down.
Such a training session lasts between 10 - 45 minutes and is an integral part of your coaching
programme at ''MyBrainCoach''.