You have heard of peak performance and wonder if it really exists and could be desirable. Timothy Gallwey, the author of ''The Inner Game of Tennis'', ''The Inner Game of Golf'' and ''The Inner Game of Music'', offers us the following definition:

''Peak performance is the ability of the brain to work fluently, effectively, appropriately and efficiently at all types of attention with minimal or no interference''.

''MyBrainCoach'' programme supports you on this path, sustainably and in the long term:

  • Take your performance to the next level or improve it as a professional or amateur athlete.

  • Stay engaged in your job and maintain mental focus, agile action and emotional balance in
    difficult situations.

  • Feel more energy, empathy and connection while achieving your personal and professional

  • Experience increased performance in cognitive and physical areas

  • Build your physical and mental resilience



mental flexibility

physical strength

spiritual maturity

emotional balance