You know that your child is smart, creative, committed, loving and helpful.... if only they could concentrate better, sit still for more than 5 minutes, and not react so strongly to ''little things''. You hear such feedback from teachers, friends and family, but also other comments that worry you even more: your child does not listen, finds it difficult to integrate into a group, forgets important tasks, and shows other inadequate social and emotional behavior.

The diagnosis of AD(H)S or learning difficulties is quickly made. You try study support, talk therapy, and consider whether medication might help - other parents tell how well things are going for them now, despite side effects.

Before you continue with such invasive methods, ask yourself: ''Have I considered all the effective alternatives'' Bio- and neurofeedback is one such alternative:


  • non-invasive

  • researched for over 30 years

  • proven to be the most effective method for many developmental and behavioural disorders

  • technology has made progress outside hospitals possible

Bio- and neurofeedback addresses and remedies the root causes: the brain of an affected child has lost the healthy functional patterns and needs help to find them again.

MyBrainCoach Junior Programme helps the brain to regulate itself. Playful feedback based on biosignals such as temperature or electrical brainwave activity promotes essential brain functions such as planning, logical thinking and impulse control. The child does not feel that he/she is being ''treated'', but that he/she is training to become fit for the challenges.

1-2 training sessions of 20-30 minutes per week already bring a clear improvement after a short time, which remains sustainable, even without further measures.

During an initial consultation or later, we will determine together whether and which additional elements of the MyBrainCoach programme might be necessary or helpful.