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​Do you ask yourself


  • Whether and how much the constant ''online mode'' harms you or your children, or…perhaps brings benefits?

  • Why can't you relax as well or as quickly as others?

  • Why don't meditation exercises work?

  • Do you have the feeling that you poorly remember what you have read?

  • Is it possible that your child is too stressed to learn, or does he/she just have ''motivation problems''

ClinicalQ Brain Health Check can often provide clear answers to these and similar questions.

ClinicalQ is an EEG-based, scientifically recognised method to measure and analyse the important
functions of your brain. Just like a blood test, the data shows which neural networks may be working sub-optimally. Such analysis can reveal clear pathways to performance improvement, as well as potential causes of symptoms and/or behaviour. The measurements are taken via EEG electrodes, the recordings take a maximum of 20 minutes. The analysis and an initial consultation can take place in the same session.

The method was originally developed by Dr. Paul G. Swingle, PhD, and has been improved and
used worldwide for many years.

Dr. Swingle is one of the foremost scientists in the field of psychoneurophysiology. Thanks to his dedication, innovation and many years of clinical work, neurotherapy has been successfully brought from research and academia into practice.