High mountain in morning time. Beautiful

"In essence, our brain determines who we are and what we do".

​Prof. Dr. med. Daniel J. Siegel


The origin of our well-being and sustainable high performance is in the brain:

  • Our brain controls all vital processes in the body

  • Our brain learns new things and processes even the smallest stimuli and impulses

  • Our brain generates feelings and recognizes feelings of others

  • ​Our brain stores memory and creates our identity

  • Our brain optimises focus and relaxation 

Just as muscles get stronger when you use them a lot and train them, the brain also expands its
capabilities through training. With a tailor-made MyBrainCoach programme, you can help your
brain significantly optimise its steering function and performance..

''MyBrainCoach'' Programme for You


Mental Flexibility
Emotional Stability
Physical Strength
Spiritual Maturity

MyBrainCoach JUNIOR
Junge, der auf eine Tafel schreibt

Impulse control
Learning Success


Inner peace and balance
Restful sleep
Deep relaxation

MyBrainCoach MEDICAL

Health promotion
Complaints relief
Treatment of causes and symptoms 



Since childhood, I wanted to understand how the human brain works. How do we get a personality? Why do we think the way we do and not something else? How do I feel what I feel?
I found the first answers in philology, education and teaching, the others in organisational psychology, psychotherapy, coaching and finally in neurobiology. 
My passion is to combine this knowledge, my many years of experience and modern technology to enable my clients live a life full of positive energy, health, inner balance, contribution and connection.

"To enable a life full of positive energy, health, inner balance and achievement of goals".​


"Paths are made by walking them". 

Franz Kafka